Each summer the Pittsburgh Philharmonic has some guest musicians performing with us.  These are participants in our Side-by-Side program.  They are music students of high school age who are selected by audition to play with the Philharmonic side-by-side with our regular members.


We decided to ask them some questions so that we could learn more about them.


Zan Husain is performed with our cello section this summer.  He started playing the cello when he was in the fifth grade.  He chose it because he knew he wanted to play a stringed instrument and he thought the cello looked cool.  He now plays on a black cello made by Louis and Clark Company.  It is black because it is made of carbon fiber.


Zan’s favorite piece is Capriol Suite by Peter Warlock.  His favorite composer is J.S. Bach because of all the music he wrote for the cello.  When Zan is not playing his cello he enjoys playing video games, looking at science related videos, exercising and hiking.

Zan really enjoyed the repertoire we played this Summer. He learned how to find repeats faster and turn pages for his stand partner.


Marella Carpenter has been playing in our clarinet section.  She started playing the clarinet when she was 9 years old. Music was always a big part of her life, and she was given the opportunity to learn an instrument in school in 4th grade.  Her cousin played the clarinet, so that inspired her to pursue it as well.


Her favorite piece to play is “Sonata for Clarinet and Piano” by Saint-Saens. She loves how each movement brings a unique energy to the overall piece.  Her favorite composers are Saint-Saens and Mozart while her favorite bands/singers are The 1975, James Bay, and Oh Wonder.  When she’s not playing music, she likes to read and spend time with her family and friends.
Speaking of her experience she said, “I really enjoyed playing with the Philharmonic this summer. For me, it is always helpful to play along side of more experienced musicians.”


Written by John Ott, Youth Programs

Member of the Board